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 ORANGERL version 0.3

By Harry
Discord: harry#4090

Note the game doesn't do anything new after level 15. It will just keep going until you die.

A streamlined game about finding treasure in a dungeon.
It's a roguelike.

The character's graphic is a placeholder - the name of the game is, too. Taken from the appearance of the placeholder graphic.

The design philosophy is to keep the game very simplistic. I will not be adding any player stats or level ups, or detailed combat, larger levels, or more complex controls. Everything is kept manageable in scope so you can assess each level as a problem to solve and execute your plan. I hope you have fun playing it!

 Current features:

  • Randomly generated levels
  • Inventory
  • Survival and hunger
  • Tutorial

 Prioritised road map:

  1. Spawn inventory items
  2. Locked exits/keys
  3. Checkpoints/shops
  4. More inventory items
  5. Difficulty scaling
  6. More tilesets
  7. Enemies
  8. Combat equipment
  9. More tilesets
  10. Shoehorned storyline


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Very simple, yet fun concept :) Played until floor 102!

I see interesting potential here, but the generator requires to build levels with X floors in advance, to make sure you don't have "dead-ends" or forced deaths, and also to make sure that sometime, it's a good option to avoid some gold or to leave quickly a level. Random chests could also work well to ensure the player cannot always "read" the solution by just looking at the current level (ie. "should I take a risk by reaching this chest, but the reward isn't guaranteed").

115 gold on level 15
wasn't clear how /if i was recovering food between floors?

Good, average seems to be 90-150, from almost everyone who's played it. I think that gives me solid info on how to scale some things.

Food doesn't increase between floors, but it's possible to land immediately on an apple or a stack of coins, which would change your level of those resources accordingly. I might try to do something against that, since it might doesn't feel polished.