Devlog 2 - 0.35 patch pushed

0.35 patch is here.

More content than I expected is here:

  • you can now switch control schemes on the start screen. Options are WASD, cursor keys, or a gamepad
  • checkpoints every 15 floors are now styled as houses
  • checkpoints have a health drink you can buy
  • inventory system works completely, including picking up, dropping, swapping and buying items from the world.
  • status bar showing some explanatory text over certain points of interest
  • callout graphic if you stand over something which can be picked up
  • new art and animation, a little extra "juice"
  • Tweaks and polish

Next steps are:

  • more pickup items
  • loot tables for spawning pickups in the levels
  • randomise checkpoint shop contents
  • add simple enemies and combat...


Jul 13, 2017


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my xbox1 wireless gamepad didn't work?
Font is a little hard to read..
pixels are too good !

Thats a pain. I think i have a 360 gamepad, I will try it out. Did you try a wired one, and was that any different?

Thanks for the comments. Agree the font could probably use some readability improvements. 9 often looks like a 3...

Did you find the inventory easy enough to use?

inventory was all good
i have a generic usb gamepad i will try & let you know!