Devlog 1 - V.0.35 Inventory, Checkpoints

Next patch will probably be more content-heavy than I expected it to be!

First most obvious thing will be the inventory system being fleshed out. There will be at least one new kind of item spawning in the game which will be allotted to your inventory when you pick it up. The inventory will be accessible by holding the action button and using the cursor buttons. You'll only ever be able to carry three inventory items at a time. The first one is a ration pack giving you 15 moves worth of food when you use it. Think of it like a saving grace if you get a particularly bad level or two.

Next obvious thing will be player character's graphics. I have been toying and toying with how to make them look. Eventually the appearance will be randomised anyway, so I will just come up with something so it's there. Animation will be a little nicer too.

Thirdly I got more done on checkpoints than I thought I would. There is now a full infrastructure in place for "safe" zones every Nth floor (probably 15th) where you can move without getting hungry, and spend your coins on stuff. There will also be a fun feature there which I'll leave as a surprise.

Also I added some sounds. They could get annoying so I will probably add a feature to mute them for 0.35. It's not a huge priority since you can mute via Windows volume control, but would be nice to at some point have a nice selection of options for sound.

Also I polished and tightened up a few things.

  • You can no longer make one move immediately after initiating travel to next floor, after the screen transition starts
  • If you get a notification while standing on the stairs, clicking out of the window will no longer initiate travel downstairs
  • Implemented a small mandatory delay when a notification appears. Pretty often I found myself clicking the window away before I had time to read it.

Questions and ideas would be great!


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